Our Commitment

This is a watchman Ministry sent forth for the welfare and FRUITFULNESS of the Church.The task is to stir up the Body of Christ to the importance and power of prayers in our local churches,private homes,fellowship centers ,Ministries and mission fields. It is an interdenominational ministry  called to AROUSE THE CHURCH TO INTERCESSION and SOUL WINNING. It is not to take members away from their local churches,but has a goal to ENHANCE members’ performance in their local churches and fellowship;thus making their efforts more RESULT ORIENTED,and fruitful to the glory of God our Father,the Vine Dresser and the LORD OF THE HARVEST John 15:1-8,Mt 9:38.

The vision the Lord gave us is to INHERIT  SOULS TO HIM ON OUR KNEELS by interceeding for the success of soul winning ministries,local church and Missions,Lk 10:12,2Cor 4:4,Jude 22,Is 66:8.  We are to pray that the Lord of the harvest  will send harvesters into the fields and remove blindness  from the lost, that they will understand the gospel message and believe. We  are to snatch and pull them out of fire through our prayer of intercessions.

The Lord said to us ,the Church is His partner and instrument ,therefore we need to intercede for the Church’s cleansing, purging, healing, oneness, strength, beauty and fruitfulness.

We are called to intercede for God’s own REVIVAL TO HIS BODY, one that will bring a return of the Church from her backsliding to her true NATURE and purpose ,to result in the conversion of SOULS.Amen

Beloved,it is into this Holy and High Estate that we appeal to you to become COMMITTED. An estate wherein our blessed Saviour dwells even today, Heb  7:25. Many are perishing in our generation and they need RESCUERS.Will you yield yourself to be a RESCUER to come with Jesus into Gethsemane, bearing the burden of these lost souls? Are you willing to be an intercessor?


It is required that a partner picks set of times of prayer that he will come to God as an intercessor for others.You can begin with 10-15 minutes a day.It can be after your personal morning or evening prayer or at other times of the day. If you are unable to get  the same time all the days of the week,don’t be discouraged. But you must see that you do your work as unto the Lord,not just to the ministry.The Lord is able to  teach us all the art of intercessory prayer.Start and depend on Him for the enablement and growth.It is a school and we will grow in it.Amen

God bless you

Florence Ifelayo

Vision Coordinator

Note-Your commitment can be at INDIVIDUAL LEVEL.It can also be at CORPORATE LEVEL where a church or Ministry shall encourage its members to participate ,organize prayer cells for this purpose and incorporate the vision and activities in the exitsing Prayer ministry olf the church or Ministry.

As a minstry or Church,you may want the SOULS INTERCESSORS to back you up in your Evangelistic activities.If this is the case,please feel free to contact our secretariat office for details.

if you are led to  become an intercessor, you may contact us via email or call us at the Secretariat office.